Expert Network

A network of experts to advise Grow Further on program design and project selection is under development. Thus far, experts at the following institutions have been consulted, and many have offered to serve on or find others to serve on an expert committee.


Beijing Polytechnic University
China Agricultural Museum
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences**
Chinese Academy of Sciences*
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
China Poverty Alleviation Foundation
Ford Foundation-China
Huazhong Agricultural University
International Crop Science Society**
Leping Social Entrepreneurship Foundation
Renmin University of China*
Sichuan Agricultural University**
Sichuan Institute of Natural Resources*
Sichuan Kiwi Growers Association*
Sichuan Rice Research Institute*
Social Venture Partners-Beijing*
Yuan Longping Seed Company



Action for India forum*
Digital Green
Social Venture Partners-India



International Rice Research Institute**


South Africa

Regional Universities Forum (Pan-African)**



African Chicken Ltd.


United Kingdom

Centre for Effective Altruism*
Centre for Innovation in Voluntary Action
University of East Anglia


United States

Colleges and universities

Colorado State University
Cornell University
Gonzaga University
Hamilton College*
Michigan State University
Stanford University
University of California-Berkeley**
University of California-Davis**
University of Minnesota
University of Washington-Seattle*
University of Washington-Tacoma
Washington State University-Mt. Vernon*
Washington State University-Pullman*
Yale University*



Missouri Department of Environmental Conservation
USDA Agricultural Research Service
USDA Economic Research Service*
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
US House of Representatives
US Senate*
Washington State House of Representatives*
Washington State Senate
World Bank



Agronomy Society of America*
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Asia Rice Foundation-USA
American Society of Animal Science*
Borlaug Training Foundation
Entomological Society of America
Gates Foundation*
Innovations for Poverty Action
International Food Policy Research Institute*
One Acre Fund
Pangea Giving*
Rotary International
Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund
Social Venture Partners-International*
Social Venture Partners-Seattle*
World Food Prize Foundation
World Food Program-USA
World Resources Institute
Worldwatch Institute


Private industry

Adaptive Symbiotic Technologies*
Automated Agricultural Systems*
Boeing (biofuels)
Crop Enhancement
Dupont Pioneer
Element 8 Angels*
Iowa Soybean Association
Patricia Glazer Research (focus groups)**

*more than one individual
** more than one full day of interviews

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