Measuring Our Outcomes

The founder of Grow Further is an economist with a PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics from UC Berkeley, and projects are planned from the ground up such that they can be rigorously evaluated.  The organization has access to world-class expertise in evaluating international development and agricultural programs and also welcomes inquiries from junior scholars interested in collaboration.

There are different methods of measuring educational programs for members and projects with benefits for the environment, but the primary measurable outcome of our work is benefits to farmers and consumers in relation to research costs.  In the long-run, we haven’t succeeded in this regard unless farmers and low-income consumers are better off than had we simply given them the money instead of spending it on a research program. We also plan to track a number of other outcomes, from the mundane (e.g., do researchers think that our grants are more trouble than they’re worth) to the systemic change (e.g., did the research we supported later win an award like the World Food Prize).

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