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A delegation from Grow Further learned about wheat breeding in Mt. Vernon with WSU professor Steve Jones.

We’re all about learning, and whether you’re a prospective board member wondering whether Grow Further duplicates the work of other organizations or a new member who wants to sound learned about the sector at your first meeting, you’ve come to the right place.

Note: These links are provided as educational resources. Grow Further does not necessarily endorse the viewpoints of organizations listed or vice versa.


International agricultural research prize winners

There are three major international prizes in agricultural science, and reading about the laureates helps to gain an appreciation of the contributions of the field to society as well as their contributions to the field. Alfred Nobel recognized the importance of agriculture–he was quoted as saying, “Second to agriculture, humbug is the biggest industry of our age”–but for unknown reasons did not create a Nobel prize in agricultural sciences.

World Food Prize
World Agricultural Prize
Wolf Prize in Agriculture

See also: Norman Borlaug, 1970 Nobel Peace Laureate


Selected international agricultural research institutes

International Rice Research Institute
CIMMYT (Wheat and Maize)
Crop Trust
CGIAR (the main global network)
AIRCA (another global network)


Selected national agricultural research institutes

USDA Agricultural Research Service
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Indian Council of Agricultural Research
EMBRAPA (Brazil)


Selected university programs in international agriculture

Washington State University is included not only because of its proximity to Seattle but also because of its historic contributions to wheat breeding and other international programs.

Washington State University
UC Davis
Cornell University
RUFORUM (African consortium)


Other organizations using a similar business model

These are some examples of successful organizations in other sectors with a similar business model to Grow Further. Both aim to benefit society by financing innovation, use members as volunteers to perform due diligence, and offer a participatory learning and networking experience to their members.

Element 8 Angels
Social Venture Partners


Policy analysis of agricultural research

“Research returns redux: a meta-analysis of the returns to agricultural R&D” in Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics Volume 44, Issue 2 June 2000 Pages 185–215
Agricultural Science and Technology Indicators


Grant makers

USAID Feed the Future
National Institute of Food and Agriculture
Gates Foundation Agricultural Development

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